Hidden secret of Handwriting

Is really worst handwriting has a connectivity with intelligence, if no leave it. If yes, here is list of
10 legends with bad handwriting

10th place: Left-sided, mirror writing in psychology called “Leonardo’s handwriting.” Leonardo da Vinci wrote his notes just this hand, which makes them very difficult to decipher.

9th place: Napoleon changed his handwriting lifetime (he has has about seven). Over the years, Napoleon’s handwriting became confused and unintelligible. By the way, Napoleon wrote a novel. It is called “Clisson and Eugene,” and on his transcript specialists also had to sweat.
8th place: Handwriting Pushkin called “cursive”. She did not admire or penmanship teacher in high school, no contemporaries Pushkin have the handwriting was considered indecent.

7th place: small and very illegible handwriting was Nikolai Gumilev.

6th place: Lermontov often changed his handwriting, but even when he tried to write smoothly and beautiful lines always curled up, and the letters “jumped” then down, then up. In one of the books on graphology handwriting Lermontov is considered as a typical example of handwriting neurotic personality.

5th place: Manuscript Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony was published only two years after it was written. The fact that Beethoven’s favorite copyist had died, and his two successors with great difficulty assorted awful handwriting genius. In one place, correcting the error of the copyist, Beethoven wrote in a rush of feelings «du verfluchter Kerl!» («You damn fool!”).

4th place: Epistolary documents Churchill almost unreadable for those who do not have the habit of his handwriting – too small and illegible.When Churchill said once that his handwriting resembles handwriting of Cleopatra, he came to the indescribable delight.

3rd place: read some papers of Karl Marx is very difficult, because he used to write many words together.

2nd place: Einstein wrote not only unclear, but also extremely sloppy.Many of his manuscripts are blots, all sorts of stains and even fingerprints Einstein, ink-stained.

1st place: Leo Tolstoy’s handwriting was difficult to understand the confusion of symbols and additions.
Parse it could only his wife, who had countless times to rewrite the “War and Peace.” Psychiatrist Cesare Lombroso, looking at the handwriting of Leo Tolstoy came to the conclusion that it belongs to a woman of easy virtue with psychopathic tendencies.



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